Nuclear Chemistry Tech 1/C, 2/C, 3/C

Under directive supervision, with limited latitude for planning or laying out of work details, must be able to perform complex Chemistry Program work and be qualified to do the following and related work as assigned:
Assist in conducting tests on the performance and efficiency of laboratory and counting room equipment.
Assist in diagnosing troubles of important equipment and apparatus and correct or recommend corrective measures.
Assist in laboratory work as directed.
Lay out work from prints or verbal instruction.
Inspect, operate, calibrate and maintain laboratory and counting room equipment and inspect chemistry associated in-plant components.
Direct work of assistants and assist other technicians.
Assist in the Chemistry Program implementation during unusual or emergency periods.
Operate computer systems used for measurements, analysis, storage and processing of chemistry and radiochemistry associated data.
Prepare records and reports.
Perform necessary housekeeping as per applicable Nuclear Regulatory Commission endorsed regulations and standards.
Comply with established procedures and with rules of Code of Federal Regulations, Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulatory guides, National Standards and other regulatory agencies.
High school diploma or equivalent.
Must have worked at least one year as Helper - Nuclear or have had equivalent experience in nuclear power plant or power plant chemistry.
Must have at least one year of experience in nuclear power plant or related work.
Have working knowledge of statistical analysis of data required for generation and evaluation of technical reports.
Be familiar with the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs which impact Chemistry Program activities.
Be familiar with the appropriate State and Federal Regulatory requirements which impact Chemistry Program activities.
Be capable of performing specialized chemistry and radiochemistry assignments and must be qualified on chemistry procedures.
Be familiar with the relationships between sample results, water quality monitors and plant water quality status.
Be capable of recognizing and evaluating spurious data.
Be proficient in the use of and nomenclature of equipment and instruments ordinarily used.
Become thoroughly familiar with Company's electrical and mechanical tagging rules.
Have ability to understand and perform semi-routine operations of considerable complexity and variety where standard methods of procedure are available.
Be thoroughly familiar with the plant layout and water quality management systems.
Be able to explain the function, construction, and operation of any water quality measuring device in the power plant and be able to adjust and calibrate same.
Be familiar with the source, collection, calculation and reporting of the operating data included on the station log sheets and reports.
Be able to compute bills of material for jobs, working from specifications or from oral instructions.
Know the Company's safety rules, and the approved methods of resuscitation, and be able to render practical first aid.
Know the location of, and be able to operate, all of the firefighting equipment. Know what kind of equipment to use on electrical, oil and other fires.
Be able to write and review work procedures.
Age - 22 minimum.
Must have full use of mental and physical faculties.
Have strength and endurance adequate for arduous labor as circumstances may require.
Be particularly alert in observing hazards and avoiding accidents.
Be willing to attend and take part in safety meetings.
Be willing to work under unusual conditions, as well as the normal working conditions pertaining to this job.
Be willing to work irregular or extra hours as required.
Be able to receive and transmit orders and instructions in such a manner as to inspire respect and confidence of both superiors and subordinates.
Have a temperament suited to jobs where manual dexterity, precision and patience are particularly essential.
Be capable of assuming supervisory responsibilities.
Be especially neat, clean and orderly in work and person.
Understand importance of always rendering and maintaining first class, courteous service.
Passing score from EEI TECH test REQUIRED
Primary Location: Louisiana-St. Francisville
Job Function: Nuclear
FLSA Status: Nonexempt
Relocation Option: Not approved
Union description/code: RIVER BEND BARG. - NUCLEAR-R02
Number of Openings: 1
Req ID: 79346
Travel Percentage:Up to 25%
Pre-employment Testing: One way that Entergy has found to identify and assess the abilities and skills needed for certain jobs is through pre-employment testing. If this position does require an EEI test, the type of test will be located under the qualifications section of the job posting. If you are invited to a test session, we strongly recommend you review and complete the practice test as well as review the testing brochure for your respective test. The test brochure will give you critical information on the test such as time allocated and number of questions. Also, keep in mind that the actual test is timed; you should practice timing yourself while doing the practice tests. The practice test information and test brochures can be located by going to the EEI website, http://www.eei.org/practicetests, Logon ID: entergy, password: practice test (2 words).
In addition to EEI testing there is also Fit-for-Duty testing which will identify and assess the abilities and skills needed for certain jobs. If this position does require Fit-for-Duty testing, the type of test will be located under the qualifications section of the job posting.
Nearest Major Market: Baton Rouge
Job Segment: Nuclear, Electrical, Law, Power Plant Operator, Statistics, Energy, Engineering, Legal, Data

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